American Saddlebred
Horse Association

Colorado American Saddlebred Horse Association Committees


Calculate Year End Awards
Stacey Kipper-Perrelli, Chairman
Connie Burt

Becky Murr

Denver Queen City Horse Show
Plan and Run Horse Show
Bill Amen, Chairman and Show Manager
Stacey Kipper-Perrelli
Derek Eltzroth
Stacey Kipper-Perrelli, Dinner Chairman

Becky Murr, Dinner Helper

Nikki Duerr, Dinner Helper
Elaine Rametta, Ribbon Chairman

Pay Bills, Deposit Checks, and Balance Accounts
Connie Burt, Chairman
Stacey Kipper-Perrelli

Send Out Nomination Forms, Collect Payments, Keep Track of Nominations, Contact Point for ASHA, Organize Fundraisers for the Futurity
Stacey Kipper-Perrelli, Chairman
Bill Amen
Becky Murr
Plan and Run Year End Awards Banquet and Order Awards, Recruit New Members, Keep Track of Existing Members
Connie Burt, Chairman

Karin Hostetter
Becky Murr
Totsy Rees
Tina Spiliotis

Calendar, Plan and Run Any Fundraising Ideas, Promote the Saddlebred Breed
Derek Eltzroth, Chairmen
Connie Burt

Nikki Duerr

Becky Murr

Totsy Rees, Calendar Chair

Social Media/Web Site
Put Information on Web Site, Create and Send Email News

Stacey Kipper-Perrelli, Chairman Web Site

Connie Burt, Chairman Social Media
Youth Group
Mentor and Help Run Youth Group
Jeannene Levinson, Chairman

Nikki Duerr