Once a quarter CASHA will put the spotlight on one person in our Saddlebred community.  Enjoy learning some new information about your fellow horsemen!

Allison Burt

Age: 17

What Pets Do You Own? Two Dogs, Goldie and Trixie, and an American Saddlebred, RWC Lord Balanchine (aka George)

Which barn do you belong to?  Parker Valley Farm

Parent's Names?  Jim and Connie

Where Do You Live?  Conifer, Colorado

3 things you might not know about me:  I skipped 4th grade, I am going to CU Boulder in August to study business, and my first horse was a rescue.

How long have you been riding?  10 years

What is your trainer's best advice?  If you act like you've got it all day, it'll take you a minute; if you act like you've got a minute, it will take all day.

What is your greatest achievement?   Starting my own art and photography business, AB Art & Photography, and pursuing my dream.

Name 3 things you want to be when you grow up:  An artist, a photographer, and an entrepreneur. 


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