American Saddlebred
Horse Association

Once a quarter CASHA will put the spotlight on one person in our Saddlebred community.  Enjoy learning some new information about your fellow horsemen!

Analiese Chavez

Age: 16

What Pets Do You Own? 1 Dog (fluffy) and leasing CH Signify

Which barn do you belong to?  Parker Valley Farm

Where Do You Live?  Denver, Colorado

3 things you might not know about me:  I am an only child, I have had a special interest in horses since I was little, and I am a 4th generation Colorado native 

How long have you been riding?  7 years

What is your trainer's best advice?  No matter the ribbon place you receive, what matters is how you felt about your ride

What is your greatest achievement?   I put my best effort into excelling in school

Name 3 things you want to be when you grow up:  A large animal veterinarian, still be involved in riding horses, and be successful and happy!