CASHA Sponsorship Challenge
CASHA is challenging each and every one of you to sponsor ALL 4 Saddlebred Horse Shows in Colorado!!  Each person who commits to $200 for the show season (that is $50 per horse show), will be entered in a drawing to win a FREE AD on the COVER of the next year's CASHA Calendar!!  That's a $500 value!!!!

Local businesses can also participate!  Just take the form to any local business!  It's a great way for them to get some publicity at ALL our Saddlebred shows.  Their name will be read as a sponsor at ALL the shows and they will be entered into the drawing for the free ad on the cover of the CASHA Calendar.  It's a win-win for everyone!!

Here is how it works:
1.  Fill out the form
2.  Include any specific classes you would like to sponsor on the form - be sure to list the show with the class
3.  Write a check payable to CASHA for at least $200
4.  Mail the form and your check to CASHA (address is on the sponsorship form)........and that is it!!!

CASHA will disburse monies to each of the horse shows along with your class requests.  Remember, classes are assigned on a first come, first served basis, so please get your request in early!  All forms received will be entered into the drawing for the cover of the CASHA Calendar!

***As a reminder, if you prefer to donate to each show individually and not utilize the challenge, that is just fine!  This is an option only for you to write one check for all Saddlebred shows.***

Please accept the CASHA Sponsorship Challenge and mail your form and check in TODAY!!

ASHA Membership Perks
As a CASHA member, you get a discounted membership with ASHA.  All CASHA members should join ASHA and support your National Saddlebred organization!

ASHA Membership benefits include:
- Recognition in ASHA High Point and other prize programs
- Online access to American Saddlebred ownership history, pedigrees, show records, get of sire, and produce of dam listings
- The Journal of the American Saddlebred, an annual publication including invaluable breeding statistics, historic articles, World's Championship Horse Show, Futurity, Sweepstakes, and High Point winners, horses that have acquired "CH" and "BHF" status, and more!
- Important American Saddlebred and industry-related news from our weekly eNews
- Voting Privileges
- Discounted hotels, rental cars, and more! (Car Rentals-15%, Choice Hotels-15%, and the Kentucky Horse Park Gift Shop-10%, see flyer here)
Junior Members can participate in many programs even if they do not own or show an American Saddlebred, including: SaddleTime, Academy Awards, Showmanship at Halter Awards, ASHA Youth Awards, Youth Photo Contest, Frank Ogletree Youth Award, ASHA Youth Scholarships, and more!

Charter Club members receive a discounted membership and can become ASHA Members online or by filling out and sending in a hard copy form to 4083 Iron Works Parkway, Lexington, KY 40511.

Follow ASHA on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and please join ASHA’s eNews mailing list as well

Tagawa Gardens
Tagawa Gardens is located at 7711 South Parker Road, Centennial, Colorado 80016.  The phone number is 303-690-4722 (South on Parker Road, near the intersection of Parker and Arapahoe Roads).  Tagawa is a locally owned nursery and landscaping store.  It has wonderful plants and landscaping items and the staff is exceptional!!

Here is the deal:
When CASHA Supporters shop at Tagawa and present the attached card with each purchase, CASHA receives a rebate back equal to 10 to 25% of the purchases made by all of their supporters collectively at the end of the shopping period. The percentage is a sliding scale* and depends upon the total spent by CASHA's supporters.

*For sliding scale:
Total supporters spend up to $2500-10% back
$2500-$5000-15% back
$5000-$10,000-20% back
over $10,000-25% back

If you plan to shop at Tagawa buy please take the attached card in to support the Colorado American Saddle Horse Association!!  Also, if you know any friends or relatives that shop at Tagawa pass this card along and ask for their support. It doesn't cost them anything and goes toward a great cause!

CASHA Members Receive Gift Card for joining Sam's Club!
Current members of CASHA are eligible to receive a $10 gift card when joining or renewing their Sam's Club Advantage Membership or $25 gift card when joining or renewing their Sam's Club Plus Membership. To take advantage you must complete the following:

1. Print a copy of the flyer from the web site (click on membership type below)
2. Print a copy of the membership list from the web site (see link above)
3. Take both forms into Sam's Club to the Member Service Desk to receive your gift card!

It's easy and another advantage of being a member of the Colorado American Saddle Horse Association!!
CASHA Sam's Club Memberships: Premier, Advantage, Business.

CASHA Apparel is now available!!
Are you a proud member of CASHA?  Do you want to support your local Saddlebred organization?  Now you can with Official CASHA Merchandise!  Merchandise can be ordered by filling out the form.  Pictures, sizes and prices are all located on the order form.  A portion of the sales goes back to CASHA.  Order your CASHA apparel today and wear it with pride!!


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CASHA Banquet is November 17, 2018!!
The CASHA Banquet is Saturday, November 17 at 5:30 p.m. at Valley Country Club, 14601 Country Club Drive, Aurora, Colorado  80016